Membership of DCMI

Why Become a DCMI Member?

DCMI Members support the work of DCMI, participate in its governance, and receive benefits such as discounts for events, and visibility. DCMI is an organization committed to the development and open availability of resources that support a healthy global metadata ecosystem. Annual membership dues by DCMI members play a significant role in ensuring that DCMI continues to advance this commitment to support innovation in metadata design and best practice. Regional Members and Institutional Members help shape DCMI by bringing their institutional perspectives to the work agenda of the Initiative through active participation on the Governing Board and by supporting the efforts of an international community of volunteer metadata experts. Supporting Members (private-sector companies and foundations) support DCMI and enjoy membership benefits without formal duties related to governance.

The work of DCMI requires dedicated, paid effort funded through the annual contributions of DCMI members. These paid efforts include:

  • Coordinating the global community of DCMI volunteers.

Categories of membership