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Webinars in 2015

Richard Wallis
2015-12-02 Part 2: Extending Potential and Possibilities
Richard Wallis
2015-11-18 Part 1 - Fit For a Bibliographic Purpose
Implementing Linked Data in Low-Resource Conditions
OpenAIRE Guidelines: Promoting Repositories Interoperability and Supporting Open Access Funder Mandates
Angela Dappert
Digital Preservation Metadata and Improvements to PREMIS in Version 3.0
Ethan Gruber
From 0 to 60 on SPARQL queries in 50 minutes (Redux)
Andreas Rauber
Approaches to Making Dynamic Data Citable: Recommendations of the RDA Working Group
VocBench 2.0: A Web Application for Collaborative Development of Multilingual Thesauri
Eric Miller
The Libhub Initiative: Increasing the Web Visibility of Libraries