LRMI Concept Scheme

Title LRMI Educational Audience Role Vocabulary
Creator: LRMI Task Group (DC-Education Community)
Editors: Phil Barker
Stuart Sutton
Date Issued 2017-12-20
Release History .
Scheme Identifier
RDF/ttl encoding
Status: DCMI Community Specification
Description: The LRMI Audience Role Vocabulary defines defines the primary or intended roles of the audience (beneficiary) of the resource being described. It is designed to provide values for the lrmi educationalRole property.
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC:BY 4.0).

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  1. Introduction and Definitions
  2. Namespaces and Scheme Identifiers
  3. Educational Audience Role Vocabulary

1. Introduction and Definitions

LRMI Educational Audience Role Vocabulary is a small vocabulary intended to provide values for the LRMI educationalRole property of an EducationalAudience in learning resource description and web markup. It is one of several such vocabularies from LRMI. For a general description of the approach common to all LRMI concept schemes see the LRMI Concept Schemes page. As with all LRMI concept schemes, the intention is to provide a small number of broad, top-level concepts. Users who need to classify against more specific concepts are encouraged to declare these concepts using SKOS and to map them to the appropriate LRMI concept using skos:broadMatch.

The vocabulary is defined as a Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) Concept Scheme. A subset of terms from the table shown on the LRMI Concept Schemes page is used in defining the concept scheme and its associated concepts. These terms are drawn from the SKOS and other namespaces identified in Section 2.

The machine-readable RDF/ttl encoding includes a German translation.

2. Namespaces and Scheme Identifiers

The namespaces in the table below are referenced in the definitions of the concept schemes and their component concepts:

Prefix IRI
dc DCMI Metadata Element Set
dct DCMI Metadata Terms
rdf RDF 1.1 Concepts vocabulary
rdfs The RDF Schema vocabulary
skos Simple Knowledge Organization System
xsd XML Schema (datatypes)

The IRI for the LRMI Educational Audience Role Concept Scheme,, is abbreviated as the prefix audRole. Thus audRole:administrator stands for

3. Educational Audience Role

Type: SKOS:ConceptScheme
Title: LRMI Educational Audience Role Vocabulary
Description: A concept scheme that defines the primary or intended roles of the audience (beneficiary) of the resource being described.
Creator: LRMI Task Group (DCMI)
Date Created: 2017-03-01
Date Modified: 2017-12-20


Label: administrator
Definition: A trainer or educator with administrative authority and responsibility.

General Public

Label: general public
Definition: The public at large.


Label: mentor
Definition: Someone who advises, trains, supports, and/or guides.


Label: parent
Definition: A father, mother, or legal guardian.

Peer Tutor

Label: peer tutor
Definition: The peer learner serving as tutor of another learner.


Label: professional
Definition: Someone already practicing a profession; an industry partner, or professional development trainer.


Label: student
Definition: The learner or trainee.


Label: teacher
Definition: A person who has been trained to implement educational methods and practices.

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