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LRMI Task Group

Name:LRMI Task Group
Status: active
Moderator/Chair: Phil Barker
Stuart Sutton

The LRMI™ Task Group is charged with defining and executing DCMI work on the LRMI family of metadata specifications and the related activities necessary to their stewardship and adoption. The LRMI learning resource metadata specification has been adopted by DCMI as a Community Specification.

The LRMI Task Group defines discrete, clearly stated work packages that shape the scope and timeline of work at any point in time. Particular work packages may require shifts in Task Group personnel including both Work Package leads and contributing members depending on the mix of needed expertise and interests given work package content and context. Future Task Group work is dependent on needs expressed through education community input and subject to:

  • interest, expertise and commitment by members of the community to execute the work; and
  • commitment to open review and comment.

The LRMI Task Group is represented on the DCMI Usage Board by Phil Barker.

LRMI Communications

Your interest in LRMI is very important for us. We value any comments, questions, and suggestions that you might have either on the LRMI project itself or on the LRMI metadata specifications for describing learning resources and related entities. If you don’t have any question or comment, but you feel you can contribute to the development of LRMI, we would like to hear from you as well. Please feel free to contact us using the links below. All contributions are welcome. The more feedback we get, the better we can enrich the LRMI specifications. Suggestion on refining the specifications can be entered as GitHub issues.

The LRMI Task Group has a standing call on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:00am Pacific Time using the DCMI Zoom conferencing system. Notices and agendas of the call are circulated on the LRMI Task Group Discussion List.