Linked Data Competency Index (LDCI)

Creators: LDCI Editorial Board
Date Issued: 2017-06-28
Latest Version:
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Description: The Linked Data Competency Index, or LDCI, is a set of topically arranged assertions of the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind required for professional practice in the area of Linked Data. The LDCI provides an overview, or map, of the Linked Data field both for independent learners who want to learn Linked Data methods and technology, and for professors or trainers who want to design and teach courses on the subject.

The Linked Data Competency Index has been published in Github with a backend repository The Competency Index is also available in Chinese.

The index was developed by an LDCI Editorial Board between 2014 and 2017 in the context of an IMLS-funded project, LD4PE. While the LDCI Editorial Board has not been active since that time, this resource could be reactivated at any time given sufficient interest and commitment and using the Github infrastructure for discussing and tracking issues and editorial changes.

In the LD4PE Project, the Linked Data Competency Index was part of a "Linked Data Exploratorium" website, which aimed at using competencies as tags for discovering learning resources related to Linked Data, such as tutorial documents and YouTube videos. A frozen snapshot of the Exploratorium website is available online at