Kernel Metadata

Kernel Metadata

Creator: John Kunze
California Digital Library
Creator: Adrian Turner
California Digital Library
Date Issued: 2014-08-14
Latest Version:
Status of Document: This the experimental draft of a potential DCMI Recommended Resource
Description of Document: This experimental document provides a landing page for Kernel metadata. It has no official status, has not been publicized, and if found, should not be cited.

Kernel metadata is a small prescriptive vocabulary designed to support highly uniform but minimal object descriptions for the purpose of orderly collection management. Based on a subset of Dublin Core™ terms, it aims to describe objects of any form or category, but its reach is limited to a small number of fundamental questions such as who, what, when, and where.

The Kernel metadata specification provides a comprehensive description of Kernel metadata and Electronic Resource Citations (ERCs). It includes rules for converting between Kernel terms and DCMI Metadata Terms. As a supplement, this document explicitly enumerates each mapping from DCMI terms to Kernel terms in the table below. A reverse mapping is not necessarily defined, for example, see the Kernel term "who".

DCMI Term Relation Kernel Term Notes
dct:creator 1st choice for who If it is available, "creator" is the same as "who".
dct:contributor 2nd choice for who If it is available, and "creator" is not available, "contributor" is the same as "who".
dct:publisher 3rd choice for who If it is available, and neither "creator" nor "contributor" is available, "publisher" is the same as "who".
dct:title owl:sameAs what
dct:date owl:sameAs when
dct:identifier owl:sameAs where
dct:subject (personage) owl:sameAs about-who Applies when a subject term is known to identify a personage.
dct:subject owl:sameAs about-what
dct:temporal owl:sameAs about-when
dct:spatial owl:sameAs about-where
dct:description owl:sameAs about-how

The persistent URIs used in the above table are from three sources.

  1. – PURL prefix reserved for DCMI
  2. – ARK prefix reserved for metadata terms
  3. – URL host (prefix) for stable W3C documents