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Report of DCMI Standard Working Group

It had been discussed how we could get Dublin Core™ 1.1 through a formal standardisation process in ISO - International Standard Organization.

This process is now immediately impending. NISO has proposed the national US Standard Z39.85 - which is Dublin Core™ 1.1 - to go through the fast track procedure in ISO. The framework is TC46 / SC4 and the ballot started August 22.

The rules are:

  • P-members of TC46 / SC4 can vote.
  • It is balloted as DIS 15836, The Dublin Core™ Metadata Element Set (DIS = Draft International Standard).
  • It will be a 5-month ballot (stop 2003-01-22)
  • It is necessary with a 2/3 majority of the P-members of SC 4 in favour, and not more that 1/4 of the total number of negative votes.
  • If all member bodies approve it then it will go immediately to publication. - If there are comments to be discussed, SC 4 will convene a special WG.

We have contacted people from the DCMI Community in countries with members of TC46/SC4 and asked them to contact the national body to support voting YES without comments.

Next Meeting

Meeting in DCMI Standards Working Group at DC-2002 (Thursday October 17, 2002 in Florence. Italy)

Draft agenda

Review of the fast track procedure in ISO TC46/SC4 Formal standardization of other parts of DC (An introductory presentation will be sent to the list before the meeting)

Best regards
Leif Andresen
Chair, DCMI Standards Working group