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DCMI Standards Community

Minutes from WG-meeting 12 September 2005

  1. Reports

For the ISO-standard the 5 years review will be in alignment with NISO process.

Special session about new CEN Workshop Agreements (CWA) and new work items for MMI-DC (DC-2005 on Thursday).

Dublin Core as RFC: still in the editor queue (see details at the WG webpage).

  1. Future activities

a: DCMI/MMI-DC documents to be input for formal standards in ISO TC46/SC4

  • CWA 15244: Guidance information for the deployment of Dublin Core metadata candidate for ISO Technical Report
  • CWA's about Applications Profiles are candidates, but more mature and stable documents needed – to be discussed on Advisory Boards meeting Friday

b: Guidelines for national standardization of Dublin Core

Experience from Finland, Spain and others to be collected and published as guidance for other countries. The chair set up a call for contributions.

c: Next ISO TC46/SC4 meeting:

We agreed about to handle proposals about Collections Description AP.

People from Dublin Core community who will participate in this meeting, please contact WG chair.

  1. Any Other business

Leif Andresen continues as chair of the working group.