DCMI Architecture Forum

2019-01-10 This file appears to date from circa October 2000, when the Architecture Working Group was started.

DCMI Architecture WG Issues LIST

Issues are listed in no particular order, but are characterized as follows:

To do issues (i.e.,not opened) Open issue Closed issue
Id Description Status
BEST_USAGE Which group is tasked with specifying 'principles of good qualification'? DCMI Usage? DC Arch? If Arch, how does this relate to above deliverables? (could be seen as a role of the Architecture document...) open
XSLT Dan Connolly's XSLT work on transforming meta-tag dc to rdf dc open
LINKING Develop methodologies for giving values to elements through linking to for instance authority files. open
NAMING Establish a naming convention for elements that have arisen through element qualification [NAMING1] open
REF_MODEL Do we still need a Dublin Core™ reference model? [MODEL] open
AGENT1 The difference between a 'statement of responsibility' and a description of a responsible/interested party? [AGENT1] open
ONE-TO-ONE Can we formulate clear guide-lines as how to implement the one-to-one principle? is it feasible that it will be possible to make FRBR compliant DC metadata [FRBR] todo


[MODEL] http://www.ned.dem.csiro.au/research/visualisation/metadata/dc-id/

[AGENT1] http://www.mailbase.ac.uk/lists/dc-architecture/2000-10/0006.html

[NAMING1] http://www.mailbase.ac.uk/lists/dc-architecture/2000-10/0003.html

[FRBR] http://www.ifla.org/VII/s13/frbr/frbr.htm