Webinars in 2023

Matt Mayernik
In this webinar, Dr. Mayernik will discuss findings and insights from multiple projects focused on metadata collection, management, and standardization within the context of scientific data curation. The webinar will discuss important socio-technical dynamics that influence what metadata get generated in different situations, and how data archives and repositories work to ensure quality and standardization.

Jennifer Proctor
Join our webinar to harness AI and NLP for efficient archival linked data creation. Explore computer vision, NLP, and Python techniques to transform metadata into linked data, saving time and uncovering hidden collection details. Gain insights on tools for automatic data generation, appreciate the value of linked data in rediscovery, and learn its role as a new gateway to your collections.

Karen M. Wickett
In this DCMI webinar, Dr Karen Wickett will present critical data modeling: the use of data modeling and systems analysis techniques to build critical interrogations of information systems. Dr Wickett will describe the results of critical data modeling of a police arrest record dataset and discuss how conceptual modeling can help us synthesize critical information studies and identify new opportunities for modeling and critique.

Nishad Thalhath
SQLite is a powerful relational database engine widely used in many applications. SQLite is the most used database engine in the world and implements most of the SQL standards. This webinar will cover the features of SQLite, the basics of SQL, the SQLite file format, the SQLite command line interface, and popular tools for managing and interacting with SQLite databases.