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Using Dublin Core™ - Readings & References

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This is a DCMI Working Draft.
Description of Document: This document is intended as an entry point for users of Dublin Core™. For non-specialists, it will assist them in creating simple descriptive records for information resources (for example, electronic documents). Specialists may find the document a useful point of reference to the documentation of Dublin Core, as it changes and grows.

8. Readings & References

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  • Specifications
  • Other Guidelines and Tools
  • Background Reading
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Dublin Core™ Metadata Initiative.

CIMI Dublin Core™ Metadata Testbed Project. Webliography. Available:

Particularly good for information about projects using DC.

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Includes a section on Dublin Core, focussing on Dublin Core™ Workshops and related papers.

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Other Guidelines and Tools

CIMI. Guide to best practice: Dublin Core™. Version 1.1. August 1999.

Describes the use of unqualified DC in a CIMI project.

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Nordic Metadata Project. d2m: Dublin Core™ to MARC converter. (1998-05-18) Available:

UKOLN. DC-assist: Dublin Core™ assistant. Available:

UKOLN. DC-dot: Dublin Core™ metadata editor. Available:

Background Reading


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Links to previous conference home pages and publications can be found on the DCMI web site at:

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