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Expressing Qualified Dublin core in RDF / XML


Resulting from the public review period 19 Sep 2001 - 19 Oct 2001 the DCMI proposed recommendation Expressing Qualified Dublin Core™ in RDF / XML has been re-edited on the basis of corresponding DC-AC decisions.

Examples discussed during review will be taken up in a future background and use-case paper, put up as work-item by DC-AC.

In the following summary fixes of typos are not recorded.
For details of changes in 4 Language qualification please compare with previous issue.

Changes Summary

  1. General change
    dcterms now used as namespace prefix for terms namespace.
    Notational alignment.
  2. Introduction
    Warning w.r.t. namespace URI's removed.
    Corresponding paper has been promoted to DCMI recommendation in the meantime.
  3. 2.1.3 Remark
    Made explicit rdfs:subPropertyOf can be iterated.
    Prevent erronous impression
     A --subPropertyOf--> B1, A --subProperty--> B2
    would not be possible in RDF.
  4. 2.1.5, 2.1.6
    Changed numbering to 2.1.5, to clarify context.
  5. 2.3.4 Iterated value/label game
    Explicitly stated zero is a number
  6. 2.3.6 Remark
    Added reference to observe with 2.3.4.
    Addressed schemes, with URI entries. (Based on proposal by P.Stickler)
  7. 3.2 DumbDown
    Changed the to a.
    title now also mentioned in preface.
  8. 4 Language qualification
    Largely rewritten, shortened and simplified.
    Coordinated with DCSimple RDF/XML w.r.t. xml:lang.
  9. 5 Appendix
    Schemes marked as non-normative.
    Hint to dcterms:audience added.
    MetaData of schema now include references to DCMI recommendations.