Vocabulary: DCMI Metadata Terms
Label Language
Definition A language of the resource.
Comment Recommended practice is to use either a non-literal value representing a language from a controlled vocabulary such as ISO 639-2 or ISO 639-3, or a literal value consisting of an IETF Best Current Practice 47 [IETF-BCP47] language tag.
Type of Term Property
Range Includes
Subproperty of
  • Language (
  1. (English language in the Library of Congress vocabulary of ISO 639-2 languages)
  2. (English language in the SIL International vocabulary of ISO 639-3 languages)
  3. en-US (BCP 47 tag for American English)
  4. zh-Hant-HK (BCP 47 tag for Hong Kong Chinese in Traditional script)
  5. (English language in Rameau)