Past Members of the DCMI Board of Trustees (2002-2008) and Oversight Committee (from 2009)

Please note that the positions and affiliations of past members of the Board of Trustees and Oversight Committee are as of the time they were members of the Board, and that these positions and affiliations may have changed since they resigned.

Portrait: Denise Bedford

Denise Bedford, (2002-2005)

Thesaurus Manager and Senior Information Officer
World Bank Group
Washington DC, USA

Portrait: Raju Buddharaju

Raju Buddharaju, (2005-2008)

Director, Digital Library Services
National Library Board
Singapore, Singapore

Portrait: Joseph Busch

Joseph Busch, (2002-2008)

Founder and Principal
Taxonomy Strategies
San Francisco, California, USA

Portrait: Michael Crandall

Michael Crandall, (2001-2015)

Principal Research Scientist
Information School of the University of Washington
Seattle, Washington, USA

Portrait: David Dawson

David Dawson, (2005-2008)

Head of the Digital Futures Team
The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA)
London, United Kingdom

Portrait: Lorcan Dempsey

Lorcan Dempsey, (2002-2009)

Vice President
OCLC Research
Dublin, Ohio, USA

Portrait: Schubert Foo

Schubert Foo, (2006-2011)

Nanyang Technical University

Portrait: Juha Hakala

Juha Hakala, (2002-2011)

Senior Advisor
National Library of Finland

Portrait: Ulla Ikaheimo

Ulla Ikäheimo, (2011-2017)

Information System Specialist
National Library of Finland

Portrait: Nathalie Leroy

Nathalie Leroy, (2002-2005)

Information Processing Section
United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library
New York, USA

Portrait: Neil McLean

Neil McLean, (2002)

Pro Vice-Chancellor, E-Learning and Information Services
Macquarie University
Director, IMS Australia
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Portrait: Paul Miller

Paul Miller, (2004-2005)

Common Information Environment
United Kingdom

Portrait: Winston Ong

Winston Ong, (2011-2012)

Assistant Chief Executive
National Library Board

Portrait: Nigel Oxbrow

Nigel Oxbrow, (2002-2003)

Founder and Chief Executive
London, United Kingdom

Portrait: John Roberts

John Roberts, (2008-2013)

Archives New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand

Portrait: Smantha Starmer

Samantha Starmer, (2009-2012)
Seattle, USA

Portrait: Michael Teets

Michael Teets, (2009-2012)

OCLC Online Computer Library Center
Dublin, Ohio, USA

Portrait: Paul Walk

Paul Walk, (2014-2018)

EDINA, University of Edinburgh
Frome, UK