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DCMI Type Working Group

Standard Type Encoding Schemes

Dublin Core™ Metadata Initiative - Type Working Group

22 August 2002

Editor: Ann Apps < [email protected]>
MIMAS, University of Manchester, UK

Status of this document:*Working Draft_

Description: This document contains an annotated list of standard type encoding schemes.

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1. Standard Type Encoding Schemes

The table below lists standard encoding schemes or vocabularies which could be used to indicate the Type of a resource. The entries will be annotated with guidelines on which to choose for a particular use.

These encoding schemes will be registered with DCMI when a mechanism becomes available.

Identifer Vocabulary Name URL Guidelines
AAT Art & Architechture Thesaurus [U1]  
MARCGenre MARC Genre Terms [U2] General genre list that may be applied to various types of information resources, compiled from controlled lists of values in various data elements in the MARC 21 bibliographic format.
MIG The Moving Image Genre-Form Guide [U3] Motion pictures, broadcasting, recorded sound
TGMII Thesaurus for Graphic Materials II: Genre & Physical Characteristic Terms [U4] Graphical materials
UNESCO UNESCO Thesaurus [U5] General thesaurus which contains some type terms

2. Other Type Encoding Schemes

The table below lists other significant type encoding schemes. Because these are not standard identifiers, it will be necessary to encode them within Dublin Core™ records using application-specific schemes.

Identifer Vocabulary Name URL Guidelines
CISMeF CISMeF Resource Types [U6] Medical: publication types and MeSH terms. [R1], [R2]
CLDT RSLP Collection Description Schema Types [U7] Collection types
IPTC International Press Telecommunications Council Subject Reference System: Genre [U8] News items
RBMS Rare Books and Manuscripts Thesaurus [U9] (List not online) Rare books and manuscripts
RIS Reference Manager, RIS Format Specfiications: Reference type field names [U10]  
UKGovTalk UK e-Government Metadata Standard - Type Encoding Scheme (Draft) [U11] (Appendix B)