DCMI Tools Community

Overview of the DC Tools community workshop 2010

Pittsburgh, US, October 22nd, 2010

  • Introduction to DC Tools Profile and Mission by Seth van Hooland.
  • Making content easy to find by Betsy Fanning
  • Discussion regarding the future work plan and strategy.


  • New tools were discussed, such as the Geonetwork, the eXtensible Catalog, Pool Party and the Embedded Metadata Extraction Tool, which will be included on the Tools list over the next few weeks.
  • The recent launch of Google Refine opens up new and exciting perspectives for the field of metadata quality, and leads the way on how visual tools can assist collection holders to anaylse and augment the quality of their metadata. The Tools community will try to develop over the next few months a small number of case-studies which demonstrate how Google Refine and other data quality tools can be used by metadata practitioners.
  • Apart from offering a list with software applications, more attention should be given to implementation guides. If possible, we should also try to provide links to test collections or case-studies which demonstrate the added value of the tool in a very practical manner.