DCMI Title Working Group

Open Issues


(These open issues have been submitted to the DC.Title Working Group for resolution if possible by October 20, 1999, or before the DC 7 meeting. The DC.Title Working Group will not meet in a specific Working Group session at the DC 7 meeting, but the final report on the work of the DC.Title WG will be made.)

Open Issues

  1. Should we recommend a DC.Title.Edition or DC.Title.Release or DC.Title.Version which would indicate the version statement? (please compare the use of these by the various implementors).

  2. Should we recommend agreement on either DC.Title.Alternate or DC.Title.Alternative?

  3. Should we recommend that abbreviations be included in the resolved DC.Title.Altern___ agreed upon in 2) or should we recommend that a separate DC.Title.Abbreviation be added as a qualifier?

  4. Any other concerns regarding DC.Title which should be discussed and resolved before DC 7?

Please send comments and suggestions to Diann Rusch-Feja
( [email protected]).

Status: 13 October 1999