PIDs in Dublin Core™ Working Group

Name: PIDs in Dublin Core™ Working Group
Type: Working Group
Status: Active

This DCMI Working Group seeks to develop a DCMI recommendation on how to express Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) in XML-based metadata application profiles which use properties from DCMI Metadata Terms. This recommendation should have wide applicability. It is required in particular by several organisations working in the general domain of scholarly communications, and with open-access repository systems in particular. This work will, therefore, benefit from the focus provided by some closely related 'real world' user-stories.

This project will:

  • Solicit 'real-world' user-stories and use-cases from interested parties.
  • Develop some candidate approaches to expressing PIDs in metadata using properties from the Dublin Core vocabularies.
  • Publish the results as a DCMI Recommendation.

Moderator/Chair: Alasdair MacDonald
Established: 2019