Name: openWEMI
Type: Working Group
Status: Active
Charter: This group is convened to determine the possibility to create a small vocabulary with minimally constrained classes and properties representing the concepts of Work, Expression, Manifestation, and Item (WEMI). The focus will be both on uses within the library community but in particular on those not directly related to library cataloging models.
Moderator/Chair: Karen Coyle
Established: 2022

openWEMI Logo

The outcomes of the group work are expected to be:

  • an analysis of existing uses of WEMI which could benefit from an unconstrained vocabulary for those classes
  • a gathering of issues and questions regarding the possibilities for such a vocabulary
  • production of an unconstrained WEMI vocabulary with a specific proposal for the DCMI usage board
  • a repository of documentation and examples

The concept is explained in some detail in a Code4lib Journal article.1 The work will take place on a dedicated github repository under DCMI2 and which has been pre-populated with some documents and issues. There is a mailing list where announcements and meeting events will be distributed.3

Because the vocabulary is small and already has a level of development it is hoped that this group will complete its work in a short amount of time. Whether further support will be needed, such as providing a repository for questions and sharing implementations, will be determined at a later date.

Work will take place in publicly available fora including github and email.

Chair: Karen Coyle kcoyle [at]