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Yunkyong Kim

Yunhyong Kim is a Lecturer in the School of Humanities. She has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Speech and Language Processing from the University of Edinburgh. She works across multiple topics related to information management and analysis, with a particular focus on areas that bring together artificial intelligence, digital curation, and forensics as part of an information ecosystem. For example, she is building research, to develop machine learning approaches to support digital preservation processes, to establish forensically sound policies for data management and, to demonstrate the value of investigating artificial intelligence, digital preservation, and information forensics in parallel to boost digital economy. She has published widely, including works in: semantic metadata extraction (with the Digital Curation Centre); genre analysis, for example work related to the Krys I Corpus; structuring domain knowledge from unstructured data; and characterising digital information and developing digital preservation strategies for the BlogForever project.