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DCMI Date Community

DCMI Date WG workplan 2005-2006:

  1. Research and document each requirement with use cases
  2. Implement date encoding schemes (probably two or more)
  • Phase 1 (supporting dependent DCMI Working Groups)

    • Date ranges (known and open-ended) [DC-CD]
    • B.C.E. dates [DC-Lib; DC-CD]
    • Questionable dates [DC-Lib]
    • Approximate dates [DC-Lib]
    • Numeric-only format (YYYYMMDD) [DC-Lib]
  • Phase 2

    • Ranges as termini for date ranges [DC-Agents?]
    • Large dates (e.g. geologic periods, astronomical time)
    • Named periods (e.g. dynasties)
    • Intermittent date ranges
    • Non-Gregorian dates

References: - DC-LIB: DC-Library Application Profile (DC-Lib) - DC CLD WG: DCMI Collection Description Working Group - DC Agents WG: DCMI Agents Working Group