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DCMI Date Community

DCMI Date WG workplan 2003/2004:

  1. Investigate options to provide for the interoperable representation of commonly-recorded dates which cannot be satisfactorily represented using ISO 8601 Data elements and interchange formats - Information interchange - Representation of dates and times, including the following categories of dates:
    • B.C.E. dates [DC-Lib; DC CLD WG]
    • Questionable dates [DC-Lib]
    • Approximate dates [DC-Lib]
    • Open-ended date ranges [DC CLD WG]
    • Non-Gregorian dates
    • Large dates (e.g., geologic periods, astronomical time)
  2. Consider potential additional refinements for DC Date:
    • Date captured [DC-Lib]
  3. Consider potential additional schemes for DC Date and/or DC Coverage:
    • ISO 8601 [DC-Lib]
    • Any additional schemes that arise from work item one