Core Cultural Metadata Model IG

Name: Core Cultural Metadata Model IG
Type: Interest Group
Status: Active
Charter: There are many digital collections of cultural resources available on the Internet which are mainly organized and maintained by memory institutions, i.e., libraries, archives, and museums (LAM). The diversity of the cultural entities curated into those cultural digital collections has drastically increased over these decades, i.e., from tangible items collected by memory institutions to intangible cultural heritage, performing arts, new media arts, popular arts and so forth. A fundamental issue of metadata for the cultural digital collections is that their metadata schemas are item centric as they are designed for institutional collections although we need schemes to properly describe curated digital resources and link the descriptions to the original cultural entities of various types as well as other various knowledge resources on the Web.
Moderator/Chair: Shigeo Sugimoto
Established: 2022

This interest group is intended to discuss the fundamental issues and develop generic data models for metadata to describe those various cultural entities and their digital surrogates archived in digital collections. Discussion will include but not limit itself to the following issues:

  • Types of cultural entities to be digitally curated and archived,
  • Data models for digital curation and archiving of the cultural entities,
  • Semi-formal and formal definitions of the proposed data models,
  • Schemes to identify cultural entities to be curated digitally, and
  • Schemes to bridge the proposed data models to existing metadata standards for cultural digital collections and to metadata implementation.