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DCMI Collection Description

Report of Working Group, February 2005

Highlights of workplan 2004-2005

The principal item of the workplan is the finalisation of the Application Profile for collection-level description, together with supporting materials.

Deliverable status, schedules and teams

A meeting of the DC CD WG took place during the DC-2004 conference in Shanghai in October. Although there was some discussion of the current issues surrounding the DC CD AP, none of the issues were fully resolved during the meeting. A workplan for 2004-2005 was approved by the meeting. See meeting report [1]. During the conference, the work of the DC CD WG was also presented as part of a tutorial on DC Application Profiles [2], and during a "special session" on the work of the NISO Metasearch Initiative [3].

A presentation was also given to a workshop in London in January 2005, organised by the JISC IE Service Registry project [4]

The WG has begun to review the collection type vocabulary [5]. There has also been some discussion of identifiers for collections.

No requests have been raised for the addition of further descriptive attributes to the DC CD AP, but there remain issues to be resolved with the current draft, particularly regarding the Collection-Location/Collection-Service relationships and how they are represented [6].

Any problems encountered/remedies proposed

Progress is now running slightly behind the schedule described in the Workplan.

It is hoped that some progress can be made on the Service/Location issue in time to work on any proposals for properties required in time for submission to the next meeting of the Usage Board, but it may be that clarification of those relationships means that those proposals are not developed until later in 2005.


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