DCMI Collection Description Community

DC Collection Description

Report of Working Group, January 2004

Results of Seattle meetings

The WG meeting at DC-2003 discussed and resolved a number of outstanding issues with the 2003-08-25 draft of the Application Profile. There is one significant issue outstanding regarding the descriptive semantics of the Application Profile, and guidance was requested from the Advisory Board on two other issues of policy.

Highlights of workplan 2003-2004

The principal item of the workplan is the finalisation of the Application Profile for collection-level description, together with supporting materials.

Deliverable status, schedules and teams

The proposed collection type vocabulary is essentially complete, pending only guidance from the Directorate and/or Usage Board on the choice of URIs.

A revised draft of the Application Profile was published in November, and work on this is continuing. The WG is currently reviewing the descriptions of terms to determine which are candidates for submission to Usage Board as proposed DCMI terms.

Any problems encountered/remedies proposed

The work on the term proposals is slightly behind schedule. It may be necessary that some proposals are submitted to the forthcoming UB meeting and some to the following UB meeting. On a more positive note, the identification of suitable terms for reuse (e.g. in the MARC relator vocabulary) has resulted in a reduction in some of the work expected in this area.