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Agents Working Group

    <dd>This working group is inactive under this charter.</dd>

    <dt>Working Group Chair(s):</dt>

    <dd>Renato Iannella&lt;<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>&gt;</dd>

    <dt>Working Group Charter:</dt>

Note: This working group has been rechartered. [new charter]

Review RFC 2413 and propose appropriate corrections and clarifications.

The working group should review RFC 2413 definitions for the elements CREATOR, CONTRIBUTOR and PUBLISHER, and propose any corrections and clarifications for a revision of RFC 2413. The resulting proposal should include proposed rewording of the definitions and the reasoning to support the change, as well as important counter arguments that emerge from the mailing list discussions. All such recommendations should be made with the objective of enhancing clarity while minimizing impact on existing applications. Working group members should avoid proposing changes without clear evidence that such changes will correct errors or improve the understandability previously agreed upon Dublin Core™ semantics. This task is of the highest priority and should be completed within 4 weeks of establishing the working group.

Recommend qualifier semantics for elements covered by the working group.

Working groups will solicit from implementers recommendations concerning qualifier semantics for CREATOR, CONTRIBUTOR and PUBLISHER that have been found to be useful in existing applications, and judged to be potentially useful for a broad range of Dublin Core™ applications (and hence, important to promote interoperability). These recommendations should be consolidated, discussed on the list, and integrated into a syntax-independent prose recommendation. Working groups should attempt to identify qualifier semantics (from existing and proposed applications) that might have general usefulness for Dublin Core™ applications.

Implicit in the charge of these Working Groups is the recognition that many schemes and controlled vocabularies already exist and can be used in the existing infrastructure (an example of this is the ISO 8601 Date profile that has been agreed upon for encoding Dublin Core™ dates).

Target dates for deliverables will be negotiated with the DC Directorate, balancing the need for thorough discussions on the one hand and the need for timely progression the other. Scheduling the deliverables will help to avoid the collision of many working group reports on the dc-general list at one time.

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Table of contents

  1. Milestones/Deliverables
  2. Open Issues
  3. Mailing List
  4. Membership
  5. History
  6. Background and Related Resources

1. Milestones/Deliverables

Scheduled Milestone Editor/Contact Status/History
RFC2413 Review Renato Iannella Completed
Agent Qualifiers Renato Iannella In Progress

2. Open Issues

3. Mailing List


4. Membership


5. History

Information on when this working group was constituted, dates of working group meetings and results from those meetings, etc.

Date Constituted: 1998-11-04

Information, standards and reports that were used to support the decisions and discussions in this working group.