Closing remarks

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05 Oct 22 22:45 UTC
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05 Oct 22 23:00 UTC
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Closing Remarks Announcing the best student paper award


Closing Remarks

  • Sam Oh

    Sungkyunkwan University

    Sam Oh is the current executive director of DCMI, professor emeritus of Sungkyunkwan University Korea, affiliate professor at University of Washington, Seattle USA. His expertise includes data modeling, metadata and ontology design. He has consulted many companies and government sectors in Korea. He served as a past chair of iSchools and now is the iSchool ambassador. He is the chair of TC46/SC4 (Technical Interoperability), also chaired both TC46/SC9 (Identification & Description) for 6 years and ISO/IEC JTC1 SC34 (Document Description and Processing Languages) for 9 years.