Best Practice: Metadata culture: Sharing the Visual Heritage

Title: Metadata culture: Sharing the Visual Heritage
Moderated by: Gema Bueno
Date: 2021-10-14 07:00
Recording: Watch on YouTube


	Karin Hansson
Karin Hansson
Södertörn University
Karin Hansson is an Associate Professor in Media Technology at the School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies at Södertörn University and she is also an affiliated researcher at the Department of Computer Systems and Sciences at Stockholm University. Dr. Hansson has written extensively about technology-based participation from a critical design perspective, with a special focus on participatory approaches and large-scale collaboration. She is currently leader of an interdisciplinary 4 year research project on the development of #MeToo activism in Sweden (, and is also part of the Metadata Culture research group at Stockholm University (, where she works with the research projects The Politics of Metadata and Sharing the Visual Heritage. Metadata, reuse and interdisciplinary research.


In this presentation from the Metadata Culture research group at Stockholm University, we are going present some result from a study on Open Resarch Data Repositories. Open research data repositories are promoted as one of the cornerstones in the open research paradigm, promoting collaboration, interoperability and large-scale sharing and reuse. However, there is a lack of research investigating what these sharing platforms actually share, and more critical interface analysis of the norms and practices embedded in this datafication of academic practice. This study takes image data sharing in the humanities as a case study for investigating the possibilities and constraints in five open research data repositories with a focus on metadata. The presentation might interest developers and researchers interested in data sharing and metadata.