Member Forum: Dublin Core at the National Library Board Singapore

Title: Dublin Core at the National Library Board Singapore
Moderated by: Alasdair Macdonald
Date: 2021-10-15 14:00
Slides: slides.pdf
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	Linnet Ng
Linnet Ng
National Library Board Singapore
Linnet is a librarian with the National Library Board of Singapore. She is in charge of the digital cataloguing service at NLB and oversees the team’s creation of metadata records for BookSG, Web Archives Singapore, PictureSG, NORA, MusicSG and Infopedia. Linnet is involved in the enhancements of NLB’s Legal Deposit website following amendments to the NLB Act to increase the collection of electronic materials. She is also currently involved in projects to amp up the discoverability of digital objects and services within NLB’s offerings.


The National Library Board Singapore (NLB) oversees the National Library of the country, twenty-six Public Libraries and the National Archives of Singapore (NAS). As a national institution and gatekeeper for authoritative and free digital knowledge that helps to bridge the information divide for Singapore’s citizens, it is critical for NLB to be at the forefront in providing access to information in an increasingly digital world where the touch of a finger and the notion of good enough suffices for most information seekers. Since the early 2000s, NLB has been actively leveraging technology to provide its vast resources to the public. Starting with an enterprise-wide digital content infrastructure with Dublin Core as the metadata standard for its digital objects, various digital library platforms were created such as the nation’s Online Repository of Artistic Works (NORA), BooksSG, MusicSG, PictureSG, Singapore Memory, Infopedia, NewspaperSG and Web Archives Singapore. NLB also collaborated with other Singapore government agencies as well as local and overseas institutions to share metadata and enable access to one another’s digital collections. This presentation will annotate NLB’s use of the Dublin Core standard in the NLB Application Profile, crosswalks from multiple schemas to Dublin Core to enable a single search interface for the nation’s libraries, archives and museums, the implementation of Dublin Core in Singapore’s LifeSG App and an update on continuing work in mapping Dublin Core to NLB’s Data Model based on BibFrame Lite with subsequent plans to upgrade this to BibFrame version 2.0 in creating a more robust knowledge graph and using RDF technology to improve discovery.