Glossary and User Guide Task Groups - Telecon - Agenda

    Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2010
    Start Time: 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    Dial-in Number: +1-218-936-4141 (Midwest)    
    Participant Access Code 334034

Expected: Tom, Mary, Stefanie, Marcia
Regrets: Pete

1. User Guide (Stefanie)

   Questions for discussion:

   -- Is the document structured well for expert and non-expert users?
   -- Should this document be published and maintained in a (MediaWiki) wiki?

2. Glossary and FAQ

   -- FAQ answer about "reusing" XML elements
   -- Dumb-Down Principle
   -- Namespace, DCMI Namespace, DCMI Namespace Policy
   -- Resource Discovery, Resource Description
   -- Simple Dublin Core™
   -- Terms, DCMI Metadata Terms
   -- One-to-One Principle
   -- "Dublin Core™ Metadata Initiative";e14dfa82.1009

   In the pipeline:
   -- DCMI Abstract Model
   -- Metadata Enrichment
   -- Interoperability
   -- Linked Data
   -- Literal Values
   -- Open World Mindset
   -- RDF
   -- FAQ: Difference between /elements/1.1/ and /terms/ properties
   -- FAQ: DC in OWL
   -- FAQ: What if my needs are [simpler / more complex]?
   -- FAQ: Roles?

3. Agenda for Tuesday, 21 October, 14:00-15:30

   14:00-14:30 User Guide
   14:30-15:00 Glossary and FAQ - entry by entry
   15:00-15:30 Other:
               -- Cross-references and redundancies among User Guide, Glossary, FAQ
               -- Form of publication (wiki document?)
               -- Next steps, work plan

   Tom proposes:
   -- Agenda to be posted on dc-glossary and
   -- By 13 October, all links on agenda copied into one PDF file and posted