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Upcoming DCMI Events

» 18 November 2015 & 2 December 2015: Two-Part (free) Webinar with Richard Wallis
"Schema.org in Two Parts: From Use to Extension"

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ASIS&T Upcoming Events

» 6–10 November 2015: 2015 Annual Meeting
St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

» 4–5 May 2016: RDAP Summit 2016
Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

» 14-18 October 2916: ASIS&T 2016 Annual Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

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DCMI Webinar: Two-Part Series on Schema.org with Richard Wallis

2015-10-21, Join independent consultant Richard Wallis, former Technology Evangelist for OCLC and currently working with Google on Schema.org, for this two part, in-depth webinar mini-series look at Schema.org titled "Schema.org in Two Parts: From Use to Extension". The webinar series examines the use of schema.org and its extension in the bibliographic and wider domains. Part 1 of the series titled "Fit For a Bibliographic Purpose" on 18 November 2015: (a) traces the history of the Schema.org vocabulary, plus its applicability to the bibliographic domain, and (b) the Schema Bib Extend W3C Community Group--why it was set up, how it approached the creation of bibliographic extension proposals, and how those proposals were shaped. The second more technical webinar in the series on 2 December 2015 explains the Schema.org extension mechanism for external and reviewed/hosted extensions, and their relationship to the core vocabulary. Wallis will take an in-depth look at, demonstrate, and share experiences in designing, and creating a potential extension to the Schema.org vocabulary. He will step through the process of creating the required vocabulary definition and examples files on a local system using a few simple tools, then sharing them on a publicly visible temporary cloud instance before proposing to the Schema.org group. For more information and to register for this free webinar, visit http://dublincore.org/resources/training/#2015wallis.

UNESP joins DCMI as Institutional Member

2015-10-21, DCMI is pleased to announce that São Paulo State University (Universidade Estadual Paulista—Unesp) has joined DCMI as an Institutional Member. Unesp is one of the largest and most important Brazilian universities, with distinguished achievements in teaching, research and extension services. Unesp is supported by State funds and along with USP (Universidade de São Paulo) and Unicamp (Universidade Estadual de Campinas) offers free public higher education in São Paulo State. Unesp was founded in 1976 and is the most successful model of a multicampus university in Brazil supporting intense and diversified activities in São Paulo—the most developed State in Brazil. Unesp's influence is recognized through the level of regional development where its campuses are located—one in the State capital and 23 others strategically distributed throughout the State. Unesp has appointed Flávia Bastos, Coordinator of Libraries, General Coordination at the São Paulo State University, as its representative to the DCMI Governing Board. For information on your organization joining DCMI, see the membership page at http://dublincore.org/support/.

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The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, or "DCMI", is an open organization supporting innovation in metadata design and best practices across the metadata ecology. DCMI's activities include work on architecture and modeling, discussions and collaborative work in DCMI Communities and DCMI Task Groups, global conferences, meetings and workshops, and educational efforts to promote widespread acceptance of metadata standards and best practices.

DCMI maintains a number of formal and informal liaisons and relationships with standards bodies and other metadata organizations.

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