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DCMI Education Community

Please go to the Dublin Core Education Community Wiki to catch up with the all the latest in DC-Ed.

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Moderator: Diane Hillmann
Metadata Management Associates
Status: This Community is currently active.
Established: 1999-08-09
Rechartered: 2006-11-10
Last Update: 2011-08-30
Charter: The DCMI Education Community is a forum for individuals and organizations involved in implementing Dublin Core and other learning resource metadata in the education domain. The objective of the Community is to promote interoperability within the domain through the use of standard metadata and consensus good practices.

Community WIKI

The DC-Education Community Wiki is the primary mechanism for reporting on the ongoing activities of the Community. Current activities on the DC-Ed Wiki include:

News and Announcements

New DC-Ed Application Profile Task Group

2007-11-02, DCMI Education Community is forming a new DC-Ed Application Profile Task Group. Go to the Wiki for more information.

Community Face-to-Face Meeting

2007-08-29, The Education Application Profile Working Session at DC2007 in Singapore now has a report available

2006-10-05, The Eduation Working Group Working Session report of the DC-Education Community at DC2006 in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico is now available. (79k, pdf)

2006-10-05, The Special Session: Education Metadata: Reports from the Field report of the DC-Education Special Session: Reports from the Field at DC2006 in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico is also available.(91k, pdf)


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