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Supporting Members

Annual Fee (Regular):US$5,000
Governance Structure:Non-voting

A Supporting Member is any private sector entity including companies and foundations interested in promoting the well-being of DCMI. A Supporting Member need not actually use DCMI specifications in either products or services.


  1. Supporting Member representatives may attend meetings of the Governing Board as observers;
  2. Supporting Members receive one free registration for the annual international conference for the Supporting Member representative (and additional registrations at a discount). Registration for DCMI webinars are free for the Supporting Member representative;
  3. Early availability of DCMI 'preview content' (e.g., pre-publication of online tutorials) for the Supporting Member representative;
  4. Name and a logo of the Supporting Member are listed on the Member page of the DCMI website;
  5. Name and a logo of the Supporting Member will be listed in the Member area of the DCMI Open Conference System website;
  6. Supporting Member initial membership and annual renewals will be announced in the announcements section of DCMI website, distributed through the DCMI RSS feed, and through DCMI's social media outlets;
  7. Supporting Member logos on the DCMI website and the DCMI conference website will be linked to a page on the Supporting Member's website;
  8. The Supporting Member logo will be included in all official DCMI presentations where Regional Members, Institutional Members, Supporting Members and Supporting Members are listed;
  9. The Supporting Member has the right to distribute two Member-provided brochures in delegate bags at the DCMI annual events; and
  10. The Supporting Member has the right to use the DCMI Supporting Member logo on its website and in printed marketing material.


  1. Payment of a fixed annual fee on or before the anniversary date of the membership.

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