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Eric Childress

Consulting Project Manager, OCLC Research
Dublin, Ohio, USA
Independent Member

Eric Childress is a librarian with a strong interest in metadata standards and systems. Active in the Dublin Core™ beginning with the DC-3: CNI/OCLC Workshop on Metadata for Networked Images (1996), Eric served a turn as chair of the DC Date Working Group and worked on the first version of the Dublin Core™ Library Application Profile. He is Immediate Past Chair of the DCMI Governing Board, a member of the DCMI Advisory Board and the @dublincore Twitter editorial team.

In his day job, Eric provides project management support for OCLC Research projects and participates as a team member and subject matter expert on various OCLC research and product-related activities focused on metadata, controlled vocabularies, and classification. His work at OCLC has included providing technical expertise for OCLC's metadata crosswalk service, serving as a member of the FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) research team and participating in OCLC's linked data work.