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Usage Board telecon - Thursday 26 February 2009 - report

This report:

Attended: Tom Baker, Julie Allinson, Pete Johnston,
          Akira Miyazawa, Stefanie Ruehle, Joe Tennis

Regrets: Andrew Wilson

Profile Review Criteria (Tom)

RESOLVED: to add a sentence to section 2.4.2 explicitly requiring the reviewer
to check for multiple statement templates with shared property list
constraints. Criteria should reflect that a property list constraint should be
used once only within a description template.

ACTION 2009-02-26: Pete to draft a sentence for section 2.4.2.

ACTION 2009-02-26: Tom to create a new version of the criteria.

ACTION 2009-02-26: Tom to add sentence to review to the effect that
the criteria have been made more explicit on this point, citing
the 2009-03-02 criteria.

ISSUE 2008-09-21: Criteria should reflect that a property list
constraint should be used once only within a description
template. Guidance should be given to application profile
creators on this issue, e.g. using the subject example where
an application profile wants to require an LCSH term and have
an option to add a free tag or a different vocabulary term.
Consider inclusion of this guidance on the current proposed
guidelines for application profiles. One option is to make
the constraint human-readable only. Clarify with Mikael before
progressing this.

Review of Scholarly Works Application Profile (SWAP)

All present on the call agree with:

pending revision of the text in the final section. The text about the
"discrepancy" [1] should be reworded in more positive terms. The message
should be 

-- that SWAP conforms in all ways but one
-- that the one point of discrepancy (if that is the right word) has had the 
   beneficial effect of highlighting an issue of general significance in the
   model - one of interest not just for SWAP but in the Architecture context
   as well.


ACTION 2009-02-26: Tom to propose alternative explanatory
text on Friday for discussion and approval on the list.

News item on SWAP review

ACTION 2009-02-26: Tom to propose a revised wording for the news item
consistent with the above.

Review of DCMI Libraries properties (Stefanie)

Stefanie has asked the Task Force to clarify whether they
wish to propose new properties.

Review of Accessibility properties (Andrew)

The AGLS Working Group agrees with the approach proposed.
Andrew will report in the next call.

dcterms:creator comment (Pete)
General consensus that the comment for the property "creator" -- "Typically,
the name of a Creator should be used to indicate the entity" -- should be
dropped for dcterms:creator (but retained for dc:creator).

Rationale: the comment creates confusion for a property with a formal
range of object.

ACTION 2009-02-26: Pete to draft a proposal to drop the comment
for dcterms:creator and submit to list for discussion and decision
on future telecons.

Next telecon - April

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   2100 UTC - 1400 Seattle / 1700 New York / 2200 London / 2300 Berlin / 0600 Tokyo+ / 0700 Canberra+
   1300 UTC - 0600 Seattle / 0900 New York / 1400 London / 1500 Berlin / 2200 Tokyo / 2300 Canberra

-- Agenda:
   -- Libraries terms (Stefanie)
   -- Accessibility properties (Andrew)
   -- dc:creator comment