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Description: This is one part of the minutes for the Usage Board meeting
             of 20-21 September 2009. See

3. Review of Scholarly Works Application Profile (SWAP)

-- Profile review criteria
-- Objectives and Scope, Functional Requirements, Domain Model (Andrew and Akira)
-- DSP templates and constraints (Tom, Pete, Joe)
-- DSP metadata terms referenced (Diane and Julie)
-- Eprints Description Set Profile

Definition and scope: has been circulated and discussed. Tom:
are we missing something about ongoing maintenance
responsibility. Julie: There's a new person coming on who
will be responsible, so presumably that's taken care of.

DSP Metadata Terms Reference: Julie and Diane confirm that
the current wiki version is correct. Pete: the info:uri for
bibliographicCitation should be identified as a Syntax Encoding
Scheme. Julie: There's an option to provide and OpenURL opject.
Tom questioned whether it was formatted correctly and Pete
thinks so. Tom: There's a more general question about this,
and Ann Apps' document about Bibliographic Citation, and what
SWAP does is consistent with this, Tom wants this to be more
explicit in DCMI documentation.

ACTION: Julie or Diane should write up a sentence for the
review pointing out that the info:uri for the OpenURL Framework
is nowhere declared as a datatype or SES, but that in our
interpretation of the documentation (see citation in review)
the use of the URI in this way is consistent with the concept
of a datatype.

Constraints: Pete notes that the URLs Tom cites are
incorrect--Tom got those from the XML source, which need to
be corrected.

SWAP DSP Errata:
1) Remove trailing slashes from URL for Entity Type
2) Typographical errors
3) Remove VES constraint for IsExpressedAs etc.
4) Remove null values for Language
5) Type, Status and accessRights - use of VES should be optional
6) Revise SWAP use of dc:type for both expression entity type
   and resource type wrt property list constraint matching issue
   outlined below
7) Bibliographic Citation DC-Text example should have
   two statements rather than a single value string; and
   eprint-specific recommendation should read 'or' rather than
8) Some of the DC-Text examples in SWAP use "ResourceRef ( x )"
   for the "blank node" case. At some point this was changed in DC-Text;
   it should use "ValueId ( x )". See example 23 in DC-Text spec.

SWAP DSP Discussion Points:
1) Subject constrained to a single value string?

Point about VES constraints for Funder etc. Fine as is.

Pete: DSP model permits use of both literal and non-literal

ACTION: Tom to correct profile review criteria section on
statement templates: [mandatory] property constraints -
one of the following: ...

ISSUE: Is constraint 6.3 required?

ISSUE: Is it redundant to have a Value VES constraint in
addition to a Value URI constraint, or good practice? Guidance
on this point may belong in the application profile guidelines.

ISSUE: Rendering of the Wiki pages does not capture all of
the DSP detail and uses different labelling. It would be
useful to hyperlink labels in the DSP rendered page to the
DSP documentation itself. Also, to hyperlink description
template labels within the wiki page itself, e.g. creator to
agent description.

ISSUE: Criteria should reflect that a property list
constraint should be used once only within a description
template. Guidance should be given to application profile
creators on this issue, e.g. using the subject example where
an application profile wants to require an LCSH term and have
an option to add a free tag or a different vocabulary term.
Consider inclusion of this guidance on the current proposed
guidelines for application profiles. One option is to make
the constraint human-readable only. Clarify with Mikael before
progressing this.

RESOLVED: SWAP conforms.

ACTION (Tom): Prepare final review document, to be finalised on
a telecon pending revised SWAP document and list of corrections.

ACTION (Julie as SWAP editor): Corrections to SWAP (as above).