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          Usage Board telecon - Draft agenda
          2006-03-16 Thu 1400 UTC (1500 Berlin, 0600 Seattle, 2300 Tokyo)

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Regrets: Andy (?)


-- Finalizing the revised DCSV specifications (Tom, Andrew)

2006-03-13. Public comment period was held Feb 13 to Mar 15 [1]. Mikael Nilsson was asked to review the revised specs. Mikael's comments, along with a relevant posting from Pete on dc-accessibility, are summarized in [2]. These comments refer to the version of the DCMI DCSV spec posted for public comment on Feb 13, which Tom has now taken into account in a further edited version. In the Mar 16 telecon, everyone should please re-read the comments [2] and carefully check the corresponding sections in [4] -- specifically, the three last paragraphs of the Introduction (starting with "As of 2006") and the entire Section 3 ("DCSV syntax encoding schemes").

[1] [2] [3] [4]

-- Changes to terms in the ELEMENTS1.1 namespace (Tom, Andy, Andrew)

ACTION Andrew 2006-02-23 -- This document is currently being edited by Andrew. Tom suggests that Andrew edit this document in place using Subversion to avoid another conversion to/from the Wiki. -- Andrew is comparing the draft against what was decided in Madrid: -- Aside from polishing the text explaining the changes in the above, an announcement giving overall context for the comment period on dc-general needs to be finalized, see first draft at (maybe move this draft into the Wiki).

2006-03-13. Note that the dc:language issue - see is within the scope of this document. Is RFC 3066 dated in its approach to 2- and 3-letter language codes?

-- Changes to terms in the DCTERMS namespace (Diane)

2006-03-13. As decided on 2006-02-23, Tom split off any changes to terms in the DCTERMS namespace into a separate document and placed it in the Wiki. Obviously, this document needs to be re-formatted; Tom asks for suggestions on how to do this efficiently.

ACTION 2006-02-23: Diane to consider changes to Date refinements and other terms in the DCTERMS namespace.

2006-03-13. Note: -- Added changed "See:" reference for dcterms:URI -- Added changed label for dcterms:alternative -- Someone should check for spelling consistency: organisation/organization (prefer the latter). -- dcterms:educationLevel needs a better definition, see

-- DCMI property domains and ranges (Andy)

2006-03-13. Andy has been working on this and proposes that we put it on the agenda for Seattle.

-- Vocabulary of Domain and Range Classes (Andy)

2006-03-13. Andy's DCPropertyDomainsRanges draft (see above) uses 30-40 "possible classes" as proposed domains and ranges for all DCMI properties. For the domains and ranges to be declared machine-readably, these classes would presumably need to be defined, approved, given URIs, and maintained. Giving them URIs would involve either expanding the DCMI Type Vocabulary or creating a new Vocabulary. Creating a new Vocabulary would involve revising the DCMI Namespace Policy. Giving them definitions would presumably also involve deciding on a style for definitions that is consistent between the DCMI Type Vocabulary and this new Domain-Range Vocabulary:

-- Current DCMI Type Style: "A service is a system that provides..." -- DCMI Type Style, Renaud style: "A resource which is a system..." [2] -- Domain-Range Vocabulary style: "The class of all services..." [1]

-- Replicating ELEMENTS1.1 terms in the DCTERMS namespace (Tom)


-- Finalizing DCMI Type Vocabulary after the comment period (Stuart)

2006-03-13. A public comment period was held from 8 Dec to 31 Jan on The responses have been summarized in

-- Review of application profiles - documentation (Tom)

ACTION 2006-01-26: Tom to propose draft "suite" for discussion - which parts are "appendices", which are stand-alone, etc.

-- Review of application profiles - profiles -- Simple Dublin Core ACTION 2006-01-26: Tom to prepare for discussion in Seattle -- Collection Description - will not be ready for Seattle - planned for Mexico, see: -- Agents: will be ready by Mexico -- Libraries

-- DCMI Documentation Roadmap (Tom)

ACTION 2006-01-26: Tom to make available for discussion at mid-year meeting ACTION 2006-02-09: DCMI Recommendations are taken to be "recommended by DCMI". Is this the right message, and does it hamper progress? Time for a re-think? Tom to consider in context of Roadmap - everyone to provide suggestions.

-- DCMI position paper for RDA review

-- Wikipedia article on Dublin Core (Diane)

ACTION 2006-02-23: Diane to work on Wikipedia article; put on agenda for Seattle.

-- Revised process document (Stuart and Diane)

2006-03-13. Stuart and Diane to lead discussion in Seattle (30 minutes?). One issue: UB voting procedure.

-- Preparation for UB mid-year meeting, Seattle, Apr 29-30 (Stuart) Stuart to report on local arrangements,

2006-03-13. Everyone should be purchasing their tickets now and confirming your dates of arrival/departure with Stuart.

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