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Summary of DC Usage Board Meeting in Shanghai, October 2004

Title: Summary of DC Usage Board Meeting in Shanghai, October 2004
Date: 2004-11-15
Contributor: Thomas Baker
Contributor: Andy Powell
Description: This brief summary captures the main decisions made
             at the Usage Board meeting held at Shanghai Library
             on 9-10 October 2004. Note that Usage Board decisions
             are not considered official until decision documents
             are finalized and published on the DCMI Web site.


Members: Thomas Baker (chair) Diane Hillmann Andrew Wilson Rebecca Guenther Andy Powell Stuart Sutton Traugott Koch Akira Miyazawa Guests: Eva Mendez Pete Johnston Liddy Nevile Juha Hakala Jani Stenval Dan Brickley Charles McCathie-Nevile Raju Buddharaju

MARC Relator Terms

  • Approved set of circa 100 MARC Relator terms as sub-properties of dc:contributor. Model: Library of Congress asserts the sub-property relationship and Usage Board endorses those assertions.

  • DCMI needs an RDF-based mechanism for recording UB's endorsement of each LoC assertion.

Element proposal: Accessibility

  • Approved "Accessibility" as Recommended element.

  • Definition: A description of the qualities of the resource in terms of control, display and content that can be used to match the needs and preferences of a user.

Term proposals: Collection Description

  • Approved the following as "conforming" elements:

    accrualMethod accrualPeriodicity accrualPolicy

  • Unable to approve or reject proposals for 3 DC-CD controlled vocabularies. Defer decision, pending clarification about the ongoing maintenance of such vocabularies by DCMI.

Term proposal: Instructional Method

  • Approved conforming element Instructional Method: 'A process, used to engender knowledge, attitudes and skills, that the resource is designed to support'.

Issues related to the element Date

  • Will encourage the Date Working Group to suggest a change to the definition or comment for the Date element to clarify that a range of dates is valid as a value.

  • Determined that the need for one or more encoding schemes for ISO 8601-conformant dates needed further study by the Date Working Group.

Encoding Schemes

  • Need to develop a policy, process, mechanism and documentation for endorsing non-DCMI encoding scheme URIs coined by external organisations or people to identify their own vocabularies.

  • Will discuss these new options with NLM.

  • For each of the currently recommended encoding schemes we need to determine if it is a syntax encoding scheme or a vocabulary encoding scheme.

Abstract Model

  • Agreed to review the wording of element definitions for consistency with the abstract model.

Document "Element Refinement in Dublin Core Metadata"

  • Recommends to the Directorate that DCMI publish as a 'recommended resource'.

Versioning of term descriptions

  • Agreed to continue the current practice of treating the description of a DCMI term as a discrete "bundle of attributes" that is assigned a new URI each time anything in that "bundle" is updated.