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Usage Board-Description: Version proposal (DC-Lib)


  <h2 align="center">DC-Libraries Working Group</h2>

  <h2 align="center">Proposal: Version qualifier for
  Description element</h2>

  <h3 align="center">13 April 2002</h3>

  <p align="left">This proposal is for review by Dublin Core
  community. It proposes a new element refinement Version for
  the element DC:Description that is included in the proposed
  DC-Library Application Profile. This review period is 15
  April-11 May 2002.</p>

  <table border="1cellpadding=3" width="85%" summary="a layout table.">
       Proposal: Version (element Description)</em></strong>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Name</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Label</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Definition</td>

        <td>Information designating the version or edition of a

        <td nowrap valign="top">Comment</td>

        <td>Includes statements designating an edition or
        version. This may describe the resource in terms of a
        number or statement that assists in distinguishing it
        from other expressions of similar content.</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Examples</td>

        <td>Second edition; Revised version; Version 2.0</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Type of term</td>

        <td>Element refinement</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Term qualified</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Why needed</td>

        <td>Being able to specify the version or edition of a
        given work is often critical to successful resource
        discovery and identification to determine whether a
        resource is the same as another one. This is
        particularly important for resources that change

        <td nowrap valign="top">Proposed status</td>

        <td>Cross domain; this may be applicable for other

        <td nowrap valign="top">Related DCMI

        <td>Relation, except that relation is a pointer to some
        other resource and is not a descriptor of its version.
        There is also not necessarily any related item to link

        <td nowrap valign="top">Related non-DCMI

        <td>MARC Field 250 (Edition)</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Impact on

        <td>Other applications may have defined a local element
        or qualifier for this because of its general need; this
        has not been determined. (Earlier suggestions have been
        to use with DC:Title, but it is not clear if this has
        ever been used.)</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">About the

          <p>DC-Libraries Application Profile drafting
          committee discussion Sept. 2001: <a href=";L=dc-libraries-ap">

          <p>See <a href="">
          Position paper</a> by Robin Wendler</p>


Best practice: This element refinement would not be repeated.

Issues: This could also be defined as a separate element rather than element refinement, but because of its importance in identification of the resource the benefits of retaining the information when DC-Lib descriptions are "dumbed-down" to simple DC argue for refining an element within the basic 15. Since it is a essentially a descriptor, Description is an appropriate element to refine.