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Usage Board-Date: Copyright Proposal

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  <h2 align="center">Proposal: Copyright qualifier for Date
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  <h3 align="center">13 April 2002</h3>

  <p align="left">This proposal is for review by Dublin Core
  community. It proposes a new element refinement Copyright for
  the element DC:Date that is included in the proposed
  DC-Library Application Profile. This review period is 15
  April-11 May 2002.</p>

  <table border="1cellpadding=3" width="85%" summary="a layout table.">
       Proposal: Copyright refinement (element

        <td nowrap valign="top">Name</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Label</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Definition</td>

        <td>Date of a statement of copyright.</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Comment</td>

        <td>Best practice is to use if 1) the value is
        different from Date.Issued or Date.Created, or 2) the
        copyright date is known but no value is supplied for
        Date.Issued or Date.Created. If the copyright date is
        the same as date issued, use Date.Issued.</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Examples</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Type of term</td>

        <td>Element refinement</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Term qualified</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Why needed</td>

        <td>Copyright date is important to distinguish from
        Date created and Date issued because terms and
        conditions are dependent on the copyright date.
        (Deposit dates are also considered under copyright

        <td nowrap valign="top">Proposed status</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Related DCMI

        <td>Date.Issued: when the copyright date is different
        from date issued it is important to distinguish between
        them; when the same, it is not necessary to indicate
        copyright date.</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Related non-DCMI

        <td> </td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Impact on

        <td>Unlikely to have previously been used, so no

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