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Usage Board-Date: Captured Proposal

DC-Libraries Working Group

  <h2 align="center">Proposal: Captured qualifier for Date

  <h3 align="center">13 April 2002</h3>

  <p align="left">This proposal is for review by Dublin Core
  community. It proposes a new element refinement Captured for
  the DC:Date element that is included in the proposed
  DC-Library Application Profile. This review period is 15
  April-11 May 2002.</p>

  <table border="1cellpadding=3" width="85%" summary="a layout table.">
       Proposal: Captured refinement (element

        <td nowrap valign="top">Name</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Label</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Definition</td>

        <td>Date that the resource was captured.</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Comment</td>

        <td>Includes the date the resource was digitized or a
        subsequent snapshot was taken (particularly for dynamic
        resources) if different from Date.Created . Best
        practice is to use as a machine-processible date (ISO
        8601 or W3CDTF).</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Examples</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Type of term</td>

        <td>Element refinement</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Term qualified</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Why needed</td>

        <td>It may be necessary to distinguish the date
        captured from date created, particularly in cases where
        the intellectual content was created on a different
        date than that in which it was digitized or a
        subsequent snapshot was taken (particularly for dynamic

        <td nowrap valign="top">Proposed status</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Related DCMI

        <td>Date.Creation: many library applications consider
        date created that of the intellectual content (this
        interpretation is specified in the DC-Lib application
        profile). It is important to also include the date of
        capture and to distinguish it as such.</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Related non-DCMI

        <td> </td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Impact on

        <td>Some applications may have used Date.Created for
        this because of the lack of a qualifier. This element
        refinement has been requested on several occasions.
        There is a known application (Colorado Digitization
        Project) that has used Date.Digitized locally for this

        <td nowrap valign="top">About the

          <p>DC-Libraries Working Group: Library application
          Profile: discussion on drafting committee list: <a href=";L=dc-libraries-ap&amp;F=&amp;S=&amp;P=1951">

          <p> </p>