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Usage Board-Date: Accepted Proposal

DC-Libraries Working Group

  <h2 align="center">Proposal: Accepted qualifier for Date

  <h3 align="center">13 April 2002</h3>

  <p align="left">This proposal is for review by Dublin Core
  community. It proposes a new element refinement Date.Accepted
  that is included in the proposed DC-Library Application
  Profile. This review period is 15 April-11 May 2002.</p>

  <table border="1cellpadding=3" width="85%" summary="a layout table.">
       Proposal: Accepted refinement (element

        <td nowrap valign="top">Name</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Label</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Definition</td>

        <td>Date of acceptance of the resource (e.g.of thesis
        by university department, of article by journal,

        <td nowrap valign="top">Comment</td>

        <td>This is recommended for theses and

        <td nowrap valign="top">Examples</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Type of term</td>

        <td>Element refinement</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Term qualified</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Why needed</td>

        <td>It may be necessary to distinguish the date
        accepted from the date created or issued for theses and
        dissertations or reviewed articles. There are numerous
        projects in libraries that make available theses and
        dissertations where this date is important to

        <td nowrap valign="top">Proposed status</td>


        <td nowrap valign="top">Related DCMI

        <td> </td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">Related non-DCMI

        <td>DC.Date.Accepted (Dissertationen Online

        <td nowrap valign="top">Impact on

        <td>Applications have used this element refinement
        locally because of the need for electronic theses and
        dissertation projects. (see the German project
        Dissertationen Online: <a href="">
        Metadaten im Umfeld von Dissertationen</a>.)</td>

        <td nowrap valign="top">About the

          <p>DC-Libraries Working Group: Library application
          Profile: discussion on drafting committee list: <a href=";L=dc-libraries-ap&amp;F=&amp;S=&amp;P=1951">

          <p> </p>