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DCMI Usage Board - Meeting Agenda

Qualifier Proposal


Element:  Language

Type of proposal: Fast-track

Type of qualifier:  Encoding scheme

Shepherd:  Rebecca Guenther

Originator: Usage Board

Date of Submission: 31 July 2001


Encoding Scheme:  RFC 3066

Name:  RFC3066

Label:  RFC 3066

Definition:  Internet RFC 3066 'Tags for the Identification of Languages' specifies a primary subtag which is a two-letter code taken from ISO 639 part 1 or a three-letter code taken from ISO 639 part 2, followed optionally by a two-letter country code taken from ISO 3166.  When a language in ISO 639 has both a two-letter and three-letter code, use the two-letter code; when it has only a three-letter code, use the three-letter code. This RFC replaces RFC 1766.

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