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DCMI Usage Board - Meeting Agenda

Add-on to the draft DC Usage Board process document (Traugott):

**(5.2 or) 6 Communication, documentation**

6.1. Communication
6.1.1 For internal communication the UB uses the closed mailing list
       The messages are archived and made available via a web-based browsing 
       and search interface at:

6.1.2 Public discussions of UB related issues should take place in the
       appropriate lists like DC-GENERAL, DC-AC and the working group lists
       and if necessary be cc:ed to the internal UB list.

6.1.3 The mails from the old dc-usage list should be archived in the DCMI     
       websites UB area (see below). The JISCMAIL dc-usage list which has not    
       been used this year should be subsequently closed:
       Mailing list:

6.2. Documentation
6.2.1 Important documents like UB membership, meeting agendas, meeting        
       minutes, proposals to the UB, voting or decision documents and results    
       (if not part of minutes) and similar are archived as separate documents 
       in an area of the DCMI web site devoted to the UB. It could be structured 
       similarily as a working group page with an issues, forums and resources 
       If necessary, an UB internal section can be password protected.
6.2.2 Historic documents relevant to the UB work, like voting proposals and
       results from the first DC Qualifier voting are to be gathered and 
       archived at the same page (background).

6.2.3 Results of the UB work which take the form of official DCMI documents
       (working drafts, proposed recommendations and recommendations) are made
       available and archived at: as all
       the other similar documents.
       This includes upcoming lists of acknowledged vocabulary and encoding 
       scheme qualifiers.

6.2.4 The UB page maintains links to upcoming external relevant metadata, 
       vocabulary and encoding scheme registries.