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DCMI Usage Board - Criteria for Evaluating Element and Qualifier Proposals

Criteria for Evaluating Element and Qualifier Proposals

Creator: DCMI Usage Board
Date Issued: 2001-06-12
Replaces: Not Applicable
Is Replaced By: Not Applicable
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Status of Document: This is a DCMI Usage Board Working Draft.
Description of document: This document describes the criteria for evaluating new element and qualifier proposals.
  1. Can the term be clearly described? Can the semantics of the proposed element or element qualifier be expressed precisely, unambiguously, and briefly?

  2. Is there a clear requirement for the term in support of resource discovery? Is there a demonstrated need for the proposed element, element qualifier, or value qualifier?

  3. Does the term support interoperability? Does it, to the maximum extent possible, support interoperability.

  4. Is the term practical? How difficult would it be for people creating metadata to comprehend the semantics of the proposed element or element qualifier and to apply it reasonably in the description of resources.

  5. Does the term refine an existing element? If the proposed term is an element, can it reasonably be handled as effectively as an element or value qualifier for an existing element?

  6. Are there alternative ways of implementing the term? Within the conceptual framework of the Dublin Core Element Set (i.e., element/element qualifiers and value/value qualifiers), are there alternative ways to achieve the ends sought?

  7. Are there existing implementations or controlled vocabularies, etc., supporting the term? Somewhat akin to number 2 above, are there existing implementations for which this solution (element or element qualifier or value qualifier) is needed in support of resource discovery. In similar fashion, are there existing value qualifiers (i.e., controlled vocabularies, thesauri, etc.) that support the term.