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Title: Decision on proposal for dcterms:accessRights

Title: Decision on proposal for dcterms:accessRights
Shepherd: Stuart Sutton
Date: 2003-02-15
Description: The decision documented here refers to a proposal
               considered at the Usage Board meeting of October 2002
               in Florence. This particular decision is part of a cluster of
               decisions documented at

Proposal text:

Decision: Accept (with modified Definition and Comment)

Note: This decision merges two proposals, accessRights and securityClassification, on the basis that:

-- there appeared to be significant overlap between the two proposals, and -- protective markings can be indicated using the access rights qualifier with an associated vocabulary encoding scheme.

Approved text - beginning

URI: <a href=""></a>
Namespace: <a href=""></a>
Name: accessRights
Label: Access Rights
Definition: Information about who can access the
               resource or an indication of its security status.
Comment: Access Rights may include information
               regarding access or restrictions based on privacy, 
               security or other regulations.
Type of term: <a href="/usage/documents/principles/#element-refinement"></a>
Refines: <a href=""></a>
Status: <a href="/usage/documents/process/#conforming"></a>
Date issued: 2003-02-15
Decision: <a href="/usage/decisions/#Decision-2003-01"></a>

Approved text - end