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Decision on proposal for new term 'version'

Title: Decision on proposal for new term "version"
Shepherd: Rebecca Guenther
Date: 2002-07-13
Description: The decision documented here refers to a proposal
                  considered at the Usage Board meeting of May 2002
                  in Bath. This document is pointed to from
                  the official list of Usage Board Decisions [1].

Text of proposal:

Decision: The Usage Board recommends using the element "edition" from the MODS namespace,

Reason: Since the element is defined in another namespace with the same semantics as proposed, this will satisfy the needs for DC-Libraries Application Profile. The element "edition" in MODS complies in a general way with Dublin Core principles and does not conflict with other DC terms. This decision is supported by the decision tree condition #2 in Section 5.5 of the Usage Board Process (see