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Decision on proposal for new term 'PhysicalObject'

Title: Decision on proposal for new term "PhysicalObject"
Shepherd: Rebecca Guenther
Date: 2002-07-13
Description: The decision documented here refers to a proposal
                  considered at the Usage Board meeting of May 2002
                  in Bath. This document is pointed to from
                  the official list of Usage Board Decisions [1].

Text of proposal: Discussion:

Decision: Accept with status "recommended" (with modified definition)

Reason: It was unclear to the Usage Board whether 'wheat' is a physical object or a concept, and also unclear whether live animals were meant to be included or not. The Board removed ', wheat' from the definition as proposed, and changed 'non-human' to 'inanimate' -- i.e., trees and lions are out of scope, while mummies and stuffed animals are in.

Approved text - beginning

VMS-ID: PhysicalObject-001 Name: Physical Object URI: isDefinedBy: Label: PhysicalObject Definition: An inanimate, three-dimensional object or substance.
For example -- a computer, the great pyramid, a sculpture. Note that digital representations of, or surrogates for, these things should use Image, Text or one of the other types. seeAlso: Date issued: 2002-06-30

Approved text - end