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As part of its mission, the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative is committed to education and training in the design of languages of description and in best practices in the daily use of those languages. To this end, DCMI provides ongoing training through the Joint NISO/DCMI webinar series, tutorials at both regional meetings and its International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications. Additional training resources are available through DCMI Community submissions.

You can learn more about metadata and DCMI by exploring the pages listed in the menu bar above: the Home page, Metadata Basics, Specifications (this page), Community and Events, and About Us.

Metadata Training Resources

If you would like to add a resource or make changes to an existing resource, please contact us through the feedback page.

Joint NISO/DCMI Webinars

2013 Webinars

2012 Webinars

2011 Webinars

2010 Webinars

DCMI Regional Tutorials

2009 Tutorials

Dublin Core: building blocks for interoperability

These tutorials were sponsored by the Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale and presented in Florence, Italy, 17 December 2009.

History, objectives and approaches of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
Makx Dekkers

DCMI and the metadata landscape
Makx Dekkers

Basics of Dublin Core Metadata
Thomas Baker

Data Integration and Structured Search
Thomas Baker

The "metadata record" and DCMI Abstract Model
Thomas Baker

Web-enabled vocabularies
Thomas Baker

Linking legacy data
Thomas Baker

Outcomes of DC-2009
Makx Dekkers

DCMI International Conference Tutorials


The Hague, Netherlands, 21 September 2011.

An Introduction to Dublin Core (PDF, 304KB)
Stephanie Taylor

From Dublin Core to Linked Data (PDF, 2.9 MB)
Paul Hermans

SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System (PDF, 2.9 MB)
Antoine Isaac


Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 20 October 2010.

Basic Tutorials

Dublin Core: History, Key Concepts, and Evolving Context (part one) (PDF, 1.8 MB)
Jane Greenberg, Professor, Director of the SILS Metadata Research Center

Dublin Core: DCAM, Syntax, and Semantics (part two) (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Jon Phipps, Lead Scientist Internet Strategies JES & Co.

Transitional Tutorials

Semantic Web & Linked Data (PDF, 16 MB)
Karen Coyle

Six Step SAFARI from the Dublin Core to the Semantic Web (PDF, 2.6 MB)
Ron Daniel, Jr., Elsevier Labs


Seoul, Korea, 12 October 2009.

Basics of Dublin Core Metadata
Thomas Baker

Metadata Standards outside of DCMI
Marcia Zeng

Metadata Interoperability
Marcia Zeng


Berlin, Germany, 22 September 2008.

Tutorial 1: Dublin Core History and Basics
Jane Greenberg

Tutorial 2: Dublin Core - Key Concepts
Pete Johnston

Tutorial 3: Dublin Core and other schemas
Mikael Nilsson

Tutorial 4: Dublin Core in Practice
Marcia Zeng


Singapore, 27 August 2007.

Tutorial 1: Basic Semantics
Stuart Sutton

Tutorial 2: DCMI Basic Syntaxes
Mikael Nilsson

Tutorial 3: Vocabularies
Alistair Miles

Tutorial 4: Application Profiles
Diane Hillmann


Manzanillo, Mexico, 3-6 October 2006.

Tutorial 1: Basic Semantics
Marty Kurth

Tutorial 2: Basic Syntax
Andy Powell

Tutorial 3: Vocabularies
Joe Tennis

Tutorial 4: Application Profiles
Diane Hillmann


Madrid, Spain, 12-15 September 2005.

Tutorial 1: Basic Syntax
Andy Powell

Tutorial 2: Basic Semantics
Diane I. Hillmann

Tutorial 3: Vocabularies
Ron Daniel

Tutorial 4: SKOS-Core
Alistair Miles

Tutorial 5: Metadata Application Profiles
English (Part I)
English (Part II)
Rachel Heery and Robina Clayphan


Shanghai, China, 11-14 October 2004. The Shanghai Library translated the tutorials into Chinese.

An Introduction to Dublin Core
English | Chinese
Diane I. Hillmann, National Science Digital Library

Encoding DC in (X)HTML, XML and RDF
English | Chinese
Andy Powell, UKOLN

Creating an Application Profile
English | Chinese
Thomas Baker, Fraunhofer Society
Robina Clayphan, British Library
Pete Johnston, UKOLN

DC-Library Application Profile
English | Chinese
Robina Clayphan, Co-ordinator of Bibliographic Standards, The British Library

The Dublin Core Collection Description Application Profile (DC CD AP)
English | Chinese
Pete Johnston, UKOLN

Creating and Managing Controlled Vocabularies for Use in Metadata
English | Chinese
Stuart A. Sutton & Joseph T. Tennis, Information School of the University of Washington, Seattle

DCMI Community-Submitted Tutorials

Please note that the listing of the resources in this section does not imply endorsement of any kind by DCMI. The responsibility for the content of these resources lies entirely with their authors.

Institutional Web Management Workshop 2002: The Pervasive Web
United Kingdom

Introducción a los metadatos: estándares y aplicación
Eva Méndez, University Carlos III of Madrid
José Senso, University of Granada

Materials for a Metadata Seminar (1998)
Brian Kelly and Andy Powell
United Kingdom

Metadata Implementation Guide for Web Resources
3rd edition - July 2004
Ad Hoc Committee of Federal Metadata Experts, Metadata Action Team, Council of Federal Libraries
Government of Canada

The Metadata Landscape: State of Minnesota Viewpoint.
Eileen Quam,
Minnesota Office of Technology,
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Minnesota, USA

Métadonnées: une initiation - Dublin Core, IPTC, EXIF, RDF, XMP, etc.
Patrick Peccatte
Soft Experience.com

Slides of metadata courses for government librarians in the UK
Maewyn Cumming
Senior Policy Advisor: Interoperability and Metadata
Office of the e-Envoy e-Government
United Kingdom

Why and How to use the Dublin Core Metadata for Health Resources on the Internet: an Introduction
8th European Conference of Medical and Health Libraries - Cologne, Germany
September 16-21, 2002
I. Robu and B. Thirion

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