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News and Announcements

DCMI and FOAF Project to collaborate on vocabulary alignment and preservation

DCMI and the FOAF Project have agreed in principle to tighten the alignment between DCMI Metadata Terms and the FOAF (Friend of a Friend) Vocabulary two specifications often used together in applications, especially in the Linked Data space. The agreement will include a commitment to share preservation and long-term maintenance responsibilities for FOAF's domain name.

NISO/DCMI Webinar 'Metadata Harmonization: Making Standards Work Together'

A NISO/DCMI Webinar, "Metadata Harmonization: Making Standards Work Together", will be held online at 13:00 Eastern Time on 16 March 2011. Mikael Nilsson will provide a bird's-eye perspective on the respective roles of metadata syntaxes, formats, semantics, abstract models, vocabularies, and application profiles in productively managing metadata diversity. Registration for the event will close at 12:00 pm Eastern on 16 March.

DCMI is soliciting applications for Executive Officers

As part of a recruitment exercise following the independent incorporation as a not-for-profit Company limited by Guarantee in Singapore in December 2008, DCMI is soliciting applications for a number of positions in the Executive Office. The Executive Recruitment Call is open until 6 March 2011.

DC-2011 Call for Papers published

The Call for Papers for DC-2011, to be hosted by the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague, 21-23 September 2011, has been published. The call solicits submissions for Full Papers; Project Reports; Posters; and Special Sessions and DCMI Community Workshop Sessions. Deadline for submissions is 16 April 2011.

MIMOS Berhad Malaysia joins DCMI Membership Program

The DCMI Executive and Oversight Committee are pleased to announce that on 1 January 2011, MIMOS Berhad of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia joined the DCMI Membership Program. MIMOS Berhad (Malaysian Institute Of Microelectronic Systems) is a strategic agency under purview of the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

DC-2011 to be held 21-23 September 2011 at the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague

We are pleased to announce that DC-2011, the eleventh International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, will take place at the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague from 21 through 23 September 2011. The National Library of the Netherlands (KB) fosters the national infrastructure for scientific information and plays an important role in the permanent access to digital information at an international level. The KB has been involved in many international research projects in the field of digital libraries and hosts the offices of The European Library and Europeana.

Further reports from DC-2010

Further reports from the DC-2010 workshop sessions have been published by the DCMI Localization and Internationalization Community and DCMI Translation Task Group, the DCMI Social Tagging Community, the DCMI Metadata Provenance Task Group, the DCMI/NKOS Task Group and the DCMI/RDA Task Group.

Task Group work plans and work structure changes

Following discussions at DC-2010, the DCMI Task Groups have established work plans for the next year. These will be posted on the Wikis and/or mailing lists of the Task Groups. In consultation with the DCMI Advisory Board, the following groups have been de-activated: the DCMI Collection Description Community, the DCMI Collection Description Application Profile Task Group, the DCMI Environment Community, the DCMI Identifiers Community and the DCMI Standards Community. Any messages related to these issues can from now on be posted on DC-General.

Meeting reports from DC-2010 becoming available

Reports from workshop sessions at DC-2010 are becoming available. Reports from the joint meeting of the DCMI Architecture Forum and the W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group, the DCMI User Guide and Glossary Task Groups, the DCMI Libraries Application Task Group, the DCMI/NKOS Task Group, the DCMI Registry Community and Task Group and the DCMI Education Community have been published and reports from the other meetings are expected soon. Please watch the DCMI mailing lists and Wikis over the next weeks.

Three new Community moderators appointed

After the DC-2010 conference, three new Community moderators have been appointed: Corey Harper of New York University Libraries as co-moderator of the DCMI Registry Community, Jian Qin of the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University as co-moderator of the DCMI Science and Metadata Community and Stuart Sutton of the Information School at the University of Washington as co-moderator of the DCMI Education Community. Corey Harper and Jian Qin have become members of the DCMI Advisory Board.